Platforms and rules of Virtual Ropecon


Ropecon’s own Discord server will serve as a virtual venue throughout the online event. Discord is a free instant messaging app that can be used for both text-based and voice communication. Discord can be downloaded as an app or program for your PC or mobile device, or used via internet browser.

In Ropecon’s Discord server you can meet new people and discuss various topics on dedicated channels related to role-playing games, virtual tabletop games, online programme featured at Virtual Ropecon – and so much more. Most of discussion in the channels are in Finnish, but we also have a channel dedicated for English only (#international-meeting-point). You can also participate in some of the online programme via Discord: how about trying out text-based online role-playing games or miniature figure painting?

Ropecon’s Discord server opens on Thursday 23rd of July 2020.

Rules of the server

We aim to make Virtual Ropecon as safe and enjoyable of an event as possible for all of our attendees. Any kind of harassment or bullying is not welcome at Ropecon, and Virtual Ropecon is no exception. Please remember to treat everyone with respect and kindness throughout the convention weekend. In order to ensure that everyone can enjoy Virtual Ropecon, the following rules and code of conduct is in place at Ropecon’s Discord server:

Rules and Code of Conduct

By joining the server you accept and promise to adhere to the rules, code of conduct and the anti-harassment policy of Ropecon.

A team of volunteer moderators will be overseeing the server and making sure that the rules and policies are upheld. Anyone can reach out to the moderators on Discord at any time for help. Instructions and requests given out by the moderators or admins of the server must be followed. Repeatedly breaking the rules or harassing others in any way results in either temporary or permanent removal from the server.

Let’s be excellent to each other and have a nice Virtual Ropecon weekend!

How to join Ropecon’s Discord server

To join Ropecon’s Discord server, you will need to register a Discord username. For more general instructions on how to use Discord can be found here (in Finnish). If you have any issues, please contact us at discord@ropecon.fi

Ropecon’s Discord server

Ropecon’s Discord server opened on Thursday 23rd of July 2020 at 6 pm and was closed on Monday 27th of July 2020 at 8 pm. Invite links as well as the ability to write and speak on the server have been disabled for now. Old messages can still be read by those already on the server.

Any questions? Do you need assistance?

Our digital tutors are available on Discord from 5pm to 9 pm on Friday, from 11am to 9pm on Saturday, and from 11am to 3pm on Sunday. Feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions on Virtual Ropecon – or if you just want to talk to someone! You can find our digital tutors (and people to talk to) at the #turvasatama channel, which is the virtual Safe Haven on Discord.

Digital tutors also organise two virtual “convention tours”: one on Friday at 8pm and the other on Saturday at 12 noon. The virtual tours start from #turvasatama and feature information on Virtual Ropecon, its programme, and how to navigate the various online platforms and channels on Discord.


Most of the online presentations and shows featured at Virtual Ropecon will be published via Ropecon’s YouTube channel. Programme will be uploaded on YouTube before the convention, but cannot be viewed before their scheduled time (see Online Programme Guide) as they are uploaded in Premiere mode. If you are signed into YouTube, you can set a reminder for premiere videos to alert you when they become available – his way you won’t miss your favourite programme!

Premiere vs. regular YouTube video

Unlike regular YouTube videos, videos uploaded in premiere mode cannot be viewed immediately until their scheduled time. This allows people to start watching the video simultaneously and hopefully helps to create that authentic Ropecon experience – and the best thing is, you don’t have to worry about finding a seat in this virtual meeting room!

During the premiere, people watching can also participate in a live-chat and discuss the programme with other viewers in real time. Sometimes you may even find the programme organisers joining in the discussions and answering questions in the chat! Premieres and live-chat can be viewed without signing in, but to participate in the live-chat you have to sign into YouTube using e.g. your Google account.

Did you miss the premiere of a scheduled programme? No worries! Most of the online presentations and shows are saved as regular YouTube videos after the premiere is over and can be viewed at any time during the convention weekend. Live-chat is not available after the premiere has ended, and the videos will have the regular comment section instead. To comment on videos, you have to sign into YouTube.

Live-chat rules

Please follow the code of conduct and anti-harassment policy of Ropecon when engaging in discussions in live-chats or comment sections on YouTube.

Viewing and commenting

YouTube videos can be viewed either on the YouTube app or in an internet browser without signing in, but participating in live-chat or comment sections requires you to sign into YouTube for example by using your Google account.

Ropecon’s YouTube channel


Board games are played online at Virtual Ropecon mostly via BoardGameArena. BoardGameArena (BGA) is an online platform that can be accessed via an internet browser and allows people to play thousands of board games, both old and new, online with other people. Players can find people to play with using Ropecon’s Discord server and then move onto BGA to play the games.

BoardGameArena membership

To use BoardGameArena you need to create a username and sign in. There are two membership options in BGA: Free and Premium. The Premium option costs 4€ / 1 month or 24€ / 1 year.

Here is a summary of the differences between the membership options:

  • 1. Premium membership is needed to set up a table for premium games (such as Carcassonne). You do not need a premium membership to join in a premium table, however.
  • 2. Premium membership is needed if multiple people using the same external IP address want to join in the same game.
  • 3. Premium membership allows the use of voice and video chat features within BGA.

How to use BGA at Virtual Ropecon

BoardGameArena is already open before Virtual Ropecon begins and will remain open after the event is over. Code of conduct and anti-harassment policies of Ropecon are in effect at games played in BGA as usual.

Here is a short summary on how to use BGA:

  • 1. Find people to play with on Ropecon’s Discord server
  • 2. Share your BGA username with the other players and add them as friends.
  • 3. Start a game in BGA with your new friends.
  • 4. Play the game and use the text chat within BGA to communicate.
  • 5. Use Ropecon’s Discord server to communicate via voice.


If you have any questions on how to use BGA, feel free to ask for help in Ropecon’s Discord server on the channel #lautapelit.


If you have any questions about BGA or you encounter a puzzling issue, please do not hesitate to contact us at peliohjelma@ropecon.fi


Virtual Ropecon’s Vendor Hall will be held in a Facebook group administered by Ropecon. In the virtual Vendor Hall you can find many of the vendors who have been featured at Ropecon’s Vendor Hall in previous years. They will be showcasing their wares in the facebook group throughout the weekend. Great bargains and unique treasures await you, so come and check it out!

How to join the virtual Vendor Hall

Access to the virtual Vendor Hall requires a Facebook account.

Virtual Vendor Hall in Facebook

The Facebook group for the virtual Vendor Hall opens on Thursday 23rd of July 2020.


Any questions? Did you encounter a puzzling issue?

Please do not hesitate to contact us at ohjelma@ropecon.fi