Results for online tournaments and contests

The results of the online tournaments and contests featured at Virtual Ropecon will be published on this page.

Some of the results may be updated during the virtual convention (starting on Friday 24th of July), while some may be available only after the convention weekend.

Costume contest results

26 people participated in the costume contest. Photos of all participants can be found here.

Placement No., name Number of votes Photo
1. 5, Iiriva 203 votes link to photo
2. 20, Elli Leppä 135 votes link to photo
3. 22, Nargara 111 votes link to photo

Miniature figure painting contest

22 people participated in the miniature figure painting contest. Photos of all figures can be found here.

112 votes were given during audience voting. Voters could pick and rank three favourites, which received points based on their ranking (3rd, 2nd, 1st). For more detailed results, click here.

Placement No., name Number of points Photo
1st 15, Raddi Craft 93 points link to photo
2nd 21, V. Viitasalo 85 points link to photo
3rd 19, A. Ilola 59 points link to photo

Online board game tournament results

Innovation tournament

Innovation tournament was canceled due to low attendance.

Carcassonne tournament

Six people participated in the Carcassonne tournament online.

Placement BGA-Nick
1st Nethshrac
2nd Dtwelve
3rd cat-angel
4th Shiera
7 Wonders tournament

8 people participated in the 7 wonders tournament online.

Sija BGA-Nick
1st Shiera
2nd tuulinen
3rd Dtwelve
4th HeikkiHei