Virtual tabletops, online audiences and new dimensions

Virtual Ropecon’s online programme has been released!

Virtual Ropecon has a variety of online programme available, from scheduled programme items to more spontaneous programme throughout the convention weekend. There will be many things to do, experience and play at Virtual Ropecon!

Online presentations, shows and other programme can be found through the Virtual Ropecon’s Online Programme Guide. There are also many role-playing games, board game tournaments and other game programme available online on various platforms. You can sign up for the games throughout the weekend.

For more information on the different online platforms used in Virtual Ropecon, their rules and how to use them can found here.

Online Programme Guide 2020

Online presentations

Virtual Ropecon has a variety of interesting and informative online presentations to offer on the topics of role-playing games, virtual tabletop gaming, the end of the world – and so much more! Both enthusiasts and professionals in the field of non-digital gaming explore interesting phenomena in both real life and fiction, recount their experiences on game development and share tips on how to bring your ideas into life.

Virtual Ropecon’s online presentations will be published in video format on Ropecon’s YouTube channel throughout the convention weekend. Videos are published as YouTube Premiere videos according to the online programme schedule and there is a live chat available during the premiere. After the premiere is over, the videos are available to be watched on YouTube as usual throughout the convention. Most of the online presentations will be available on Ropecon’s YouTube channel after the convention weekend as well.

For more information on Ropecon’s YouTube channel and how to follow online presentations during Virtual Ropecon can be found here.

Ropecon’s YouTube channel

Game programme and online tournaments

In addition to online presentations and shows, there is also a variety of game programme available throughout the Virtual Ropecon weekend. Through Ropecon’s Discord server, you can play role-playing games online, try out virtual tabletops for board games or card games, participate in online board game tournaments and explore the art of miniature figure painting from the comfort of your own home. If you have never tried playing board games or role-playing games online, Virtual Ropecon is a great chance to do so!

For more information on Virtual Ropecon’s game programme and online tournaments can be found on the Game Programme page. For information on different online platforms, such as Ropecon’s Discord server, their rules and how to use them can be found here. Please read the server rules, code of conduct as well as Ropecon’s anti-harassment policy carefully before joining! Ropecon’s Discord server opens on Thursday 23rd of July 2020.

Virtual Ropecon’s Game Programme

Shows and other programme – now also online!

Although role-playing games and other game related programme are at the core of Ropecon, shows and other programme will also make a spectacular appearance at Virtual Ropecon! Get tuned into the Ropecon atmosphere by watching the opening ceremony or the traditional Ropecon Gala on YouTube, compete in the rock-paper-scissors online tournament via Zoom or take part in an end of the world pub quiz! For more information and schedules on shows and other programme available at Virtual Ropecon, please visit the Online Programme Guide.

There are many different online platforms and applications used at Virtual Ropecon for different kinds of programme. Familiarising yourself with these platforms beforehand is recommended so you won’t miss out on your favourite programme during the virtual convention. For more information on the platforms and applications, their rules and how they are used at Virtual Ropecon have been compiled on our website.

Online platforms used at Virtual Ropecon

Meet new people and hang out online

Attendees and volunteers are the heart and soul of Ropecon. Many people come to Ropecon every year to spend time with others who share their love for role-playing games, to meet old friends and make some new ones along the way. No matter what universe you are from, you are sure to be in good company at Ropecon.

Looking for like-minded people or advice on how to get started with a new hobby? There are many role-playing game and cosplay related organizations and associations present at Ropecon who are more than willing to introduce you to their activities. You can also purchase tickets to other upcoming events and conventions at their booths. Experience Point and Safe Haven offer further help and advice for new attendees during the convention.

Whether it is the traditional physical convention or Virtual Ropecon, attendees are the heart and soul of Ropecon. For many Ropecon is the highlight of the summer – or even the whole year – where people of all ages and backgrounds gather to spend time on the hobby they love, to meet old friends and to make new ones. We wanted to bring this warm and welcoming Ropecon atmosphere into Virtual Ropecon as well in the form of Ropecon’s own Discord server. It serves as a virtual venue for attendees to meet up and get to know each other, participate in the online programme and discuss all kinds of topics related to role-playing games, non-digital games and so much more. Whether you are a more experienced attendee or someone who was planning to attend Ropecon for the first time this year, you are more than welcome to join us in our virtual venue throughout the convention weekend. Besides, this year we are all visiting Virtual Ropecon for the first time together!

Ropecon’s Discord server also hosts a virtual Safe Haven (#turvasatama) where our digital tutors will gladly help you with any issues you may have during Virtual Ropecon, be it with Discord or other online platforms or with something else. Feel free to also pop by just to say hi!

Mre information on Ropecon’s Discord server, its rules and how to join it can be found here. Please read the server rules, code of conduct and Ropecon’s anti-harassment policy carefully before joining the server!

Ropecon’s Discord server

Ropecon’s Discord server opens on Thursday 23rd of July 2020.