Support Ropecon

Support Ropecon by purchasing a Virtual Dragon Sponsor Ticket

Virtual Ropecon was created after this year’s Ropecon had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual Ropecon is free-of-charge event and open for everyone. If you want, you can show your support to Ropecon by purchasing a Virtual Dragon Sponsor Ticket for 5,00 € – whether or not you will be participating in Virtual Ropecon or not. Purchasing the ticket is completely optional and all proceeds will be used towards organising Ropecon now and in the future.

You can purchase the ticket from the Holvi online store by clicking the link below. After purchasing the ticket, you can download a wristband that you can print out and customize to create a unique keepsake for this year’s Virtual Ropecon!

Thank you in advance for your support, we really appreciate it!

Purchase a sponsor ticket

Sponsor tickets can be purchased up until 20th of August 2020.

Fundraising permit

Fundraising permit information:

Organiser of the fundraiser: Ropecon ry (Ropecon Association)
Permit number: RA/2020/887

Fundraising permit is in effect from 23rd of July to 20th of August 2020.

Primary use of funds collected: To cover the costs of organising Virtual Ropecon.

Secondary use of funds collected: The statutory purpose of Ropecon ry, which is to promote and develop role-playing game, board game, card game and miniature wargame hobbies in Finland.