Other Programme

Activites and experiences for everyone

In addition to the more traditional game programme, Ropecon also features a wide variety of interesting things to see and experience, from classic activities to completely new experiences. For an unforgettable Ropecon experience, we recommend venturing out of your comfort zone and checking out all the wonderful programme we have to offer!

Safe Haven

Safe Haven aims to be an accessible meeting point aimed especially at first-time attendees of Ropecon but also welcomes attendees of all experience levels. Safe Haven is for everyone who might be in need of someone to talk to, help finding their way around the convention area or some other assistance throughout the convention weekend. Volunteers at the Safe Haven offer guidance for attendees and can even accompany you to a programme of your choice. Feel free to stop by to rest your feet, play games or just hang out.

Does your costume have a ripped seam? No worries! Safe Haven also features a cosplay first aid station.

Safe Haven is organised by a non-profit association called Nörttitytöt ry (Geek Girls Finland).

Tea House Aisu

This year, a new player has entered the end of the world scenario played at Ropecon: Tea House Aisu! Tea House Aisu is a themed cafe concept specifically tailored for Ropecon. Themed cafes similar to Aisu arrived to Europe from Japan where they have established themselves in the local popular culture.